Friday, June 27, 2008

Conservatory, my dear?

Ahh back to not so secret obsession.
Now I ask you, what house is not improved by the stylish addition of a suitably enormous conservatory?

Here below lies an enticing collection from the wonderful Tanglewood Conservatories in th US.

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Interested in the history of conservatories? Just want a fabulous coffee table book - for the conservaoty coffee table of course...then see if you can find this absolutley stunning book with over 700 vintage plans, structural details and images by Georg Kohlmaier & Barna von Sartory.

"Houses Of Glass - A 19th Century Building Type"
"........the glass buildings of the nineteenth century represent a remarkable confluence of opposites in architecture and technology. They were designed with the utopian intention of creating an artificial climate in which people could return to paradise - a realized, exotic dream under glass. And yet the technical means employed, including ironworking and prefabrication, were also basic to the century's "dark Satanic mills," the factories on the other side of paradise."

Before I close - some more modern day conservatories from across the Atlantic ......this time built by the talented Bishop & Company:

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Emma @ White & Wander said...

Oh, I gasped so loudly at that last one by Tanglewood that someone asked if I was ok xx I love that name too!