Friday, June 27, 2008

Beaches I have known...

Somerton Beach

A sure sign that life has been a little hectic is when I seek solace from the beach of my childhood.....Somerton Beach. I've never been a great swimmer and it isn't one of the world's most scenic spots but somehow this beach has featured in so many of my special memories and significant life events....I thought I would share it with you.
As a child I remember long summer evening walks with my treasured old Mum with the huge evening sun setting on the far side of the Gulf; collecting shells, paddling in the shallows and climbing the dunes with my brothers during our summer holidays; then later decisions on my career; on travelling & working abroad; on marrying my darling Pete....moments of joy and saddness, my beach has been in the scene.
Knowing how much I loved this beach, Dad gave me a glass jar to take away with me when I left home to live in Scotland for a year - it was full of the sea air from my beach. He said to take the lid off when I got homesick and all would be well. And it was.
Years later after my children were born the first day of every trip home, no matter what time of year, no matter if it was rain, hail or shine, a walk on the beach was mandatory. I remember such treasured memories with him, his old worn hands holding my tiny childrens' hands as they learnt to walk on our beach. No words needed. Perfect understanding.
My beach has been my refuge on more than one occasion, none moreso than on the day my mother died some years ago now...when I swear the beach called me to walk on the same sand, listen to the same sound of the waves, breath deeply the same sea air.... and remember....and be calm ...and eventually to smile. My beach is my sacred site. How could I not love it!
The scene above is one during summer....but actually it is at it's most beautiful in winter, which it is now. I'm heading down there right now for a coffee and a stroll...for no reason at all!


Millie said...

Elise - what a beautiful post! Yes, the Adelaide beaches do evoke such lovely memories.

We used to come down from Clare during the Christmas school holidays to stay with my Grannie @ Semaphore.

I can just see my lovely Dad wading in the shallows there with his trousers rolled up (he was very British!) carring a transistor radio listening to the cricket. Gosh, I'm really not that old!!
Millie ^_^

Emma @ White & Wander said...

That made me cry Mum...these WA beaches are stunning but the memories of that beach are always a reminder of my happy childhood and of G and G xx

Kimberlee said...

Made me cry too "mummy clements" - just beautiful. I love your posts x