Saturday, July 5, 2008

Winter Barossa Style






This week was my Patchwork Day. Let me tell you the story.

Seven years ago The Koonunga Schoolhouse Quilters began in the Barossa region of Koonunga Hill - at that time, my home. Our first meeting was in the original Koonunga Schoolhouse from the 1920's -a whitwashed oregon pine traditional schoolhouse, still on our property. The membership was quite informal - a vague interest in patchwork and basic sewing ability. We decided to spend a full day together each month, meeting at each other's homes in turn throughout the year. Each meeting we would work on the quilt being made by the host quilter. ...

Seven years on ...we are still meeting every month. We laugh, cry, eat, drink, share and oh yes of course, we do sew quilts. Together we share the lives of our families, recipes, our gardens, our homes, our troubles and joys. We have all learnt amazing things about quilting and enjoy the reward of having beautiful quilts to keep or to give to others, that have been made with love by friends. We have become a family.

Most of the members of our group live in the country - not too far away. These pictures are from my drive last week on my way to the Barossa for one such meeting.

So for my darling, L in the UK summer, my treasure, E in the Wild West and my little poppet, G in ACT - here are some familiar sights. And for any other readers venturing on to my "Coming Home Collection" - enjoy!


Emma @ White & Wander said...

Is your blog designed explicitly to make me cry? I love the photos mamma, especially Lambert xxx

Kimberlee said...

me too! tears! I hope one day to meet as you do with a group of friends over beautiful things xx

Millie said...

Another beautiful post Elise - you really do have a talent for painting lovely scenes for us through your wonderful words. What a joy this group must bring to your life!
Millie ^_^