Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clocks and other treasure

Time for some more UK destination shopping!
Swedish Gustavian furniture - from the 18th century.
If you can't be in Sweden because you're busy tonight then let's try London. For anyone currently in the UK (now who could that possibly be.... Lucy?) here is your mission and here is the map....

A visit to this wonderful little shop will reveal seeing at least one or two of the original, precious and beautiful Mora Clocks. As my very astute readers will know many of these original Mora clocks were made over 200 years ago by local farmers from the town of Mora, who for 3 or 4 long dark, winter months of every year - while deprived of the joy of tending their fields (?) instead turned their very clever hands to making these full length painted case, wonderful clocks. They would cart then them off to the local market where considered of little value, they were exchanged for farm supplies. I ask you? Now, the original clocks are huge collectors' items worth many thousands of gilders and reproductions are rife - so much so that copywright prevents me from displaying any images of from Gustavian Shop on this space.... but here are some examples from elsewhere:

picture courtesy of Lee (swedish interior design), Von Sternberg, Von Eisendahler,Darby,Mcpherson)

I so love clocks of all descriptions but I especially love the naievity of these clocks and the fact that each one is individual in reflecting the character and creativity of it's maker. Beautiful don't you agree?


Emma @ White & Wander said...

I agree! Beautiful! I don't think I'm going to stumble upon one here in the Wild West ... sorry xx

Millie said...

The last one is mine thanks Elise! I have just the spot waiting here for it. Not too sure if the Man-of-the-House will finance the trip to pick it though! Stay warm.
Millie ^_^